- Featured Artist -

Hello our dear doves~! ❤ You’ve spoken and we have listened! We’ve reviewed and chosen from your requests the artist that we think should have your attention this week~! The honor of being this weeks PillowPrincess’s Adult Artist of the week goes to:


❤ blazinahegao ❤ 

See the full Q&A here:


Visit him Here:



Please visit any of his pages that he has provided linkage for and We encourage you to go and see and even support him by following him on Tumblr! He certainly deserves it!


Got another idea for a great lewd artist of the week for us to feature? Send us a pm with linkage to the artist and reasons why you think they need that extra attention~! Or share their art on tumblr and feature the hashtag: #pillowprincessartistoftheweek ! We will feature them here on our tumblr for the world to be in awe of their dirty splendor!